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In an age where physical proximity often parallels digital connections, NGHBRZ steps in as your trusted companion for bridging the gap between the two. With our dynamic QR code creation and management tool, you can effortlessly link your offline interactions with your digital presence. Whether you're a small business owner seeking to enhance customer engagement or an individual looking to share your online portfolio with nearby acquaintances, NGHBRZ offers a unique solution. Unlike other options, we provide a free dynamic QR code to help you get started. For those who require unlimited possibilities, a nominal subscription unlocks the full spectrum of capabilities. Forget about intrusive ads and dubious practices; NGHBRZ takes pride in its transparent approach. We prioritize your data security, ensuring it remains confidential and never traded to third parties. Embrace a seamless connection between your physical neighborhood and digital world with NGHBRZ. Join us today and experience the future of effortless digital engagement.


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Without even signing in, you can create unlimited static QR codes right on top of this page!

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In addition to unlimited static QR codes, you get to create a free Forever QR code with dynamic targeting. Print once, change target at will.


$9 per month

For a small monthly (or yearly) subscription, you get unlimited Forever QR codes as well as advanced analytics!


Let's talk

You need more integration or tenancy capabilities? Want to use your own custom URL? Contact us, so we can tailor a solution for you.


  • Create unlimited dynamic QR codes
    Dynamic means you create and print once, but can always change the target it leads to.

  • Customization and branding
    Chose individual colors and line styles, even upload your logo to fit your brand.

  • Ever growing list of target options
    Your QR code can lead to a simple URL, deliver contact information or help sign in to a WiFi. There are also advanced options such as AB testing capabilities.

  • Advanced analytics
    For each of your QR code you get advanced analytics about their scans (usage, origin, device, etc.).

  • Complete control
    You are in charge, you have access to all data and authority over your QR codes.

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